Learn how to build a profitable online business drop shipping on eBay, Amazon or Shopify the simple and affordable way.
Step by step videos walking you through everything from the very beginning

Tired of spending thousands of dollars to someone who’ll sell you nothing but a dream?Forget the lamborghini gurus, and all the empty promises being made about making money online. Creating an online business can be extremely exhausting and to be honest, most peopledon't succeed. On top of that there is A LOT of bullshit littered across the internet so it's hard to know what to trust and what will actually work.

We are a group of entrepreneurs that have been in the drop shipping space for quite a few years and have found financial success. We are now taking what we have learned, condensing it into the most valuable pieces, and offering it to you guys in the most logical and digestible step by step way we could think of.

Super affordable

Stop spending thousands of dollars on a course that will make nobody rich but the course sellerhimself! We focus on value rather than making a quick buck off you so be assured that you geteverything you need to get started without spending your last dollar on a course!

Step by Step Videos

We started from the very beginning of the journey and documented EVERYTHING you will need to know how to do to make this business work. We focus on providing both, the strategy behind what we do and the step by step of how to do it.

Engaged Community

Get full access to our facebook community where we can all share and collaborate on a daily basis. Having instant access to people who are on the same journey as you can save you time, money and help accelerate your business's growth.

Monthly Updates

The core part of this business is to play within the rules that are set up. Having access to a collective voice of what changes people are seeing in Amazon and eBay is EXTREMELY valuable to keeping your business thriving. Our videos are updated monthly with new content.

All Aspects Covered

We cover every thing you will need to go from absolutely nothing to having a profitable online business that you can build and scale. We have been building our curriculum for this course for over 6 months to make sure we cover EVERYTHING that you will need to get started.

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To make online business education affordable, accessible and packed full of only the core info you need. All of the things we wished we had when we first started.

  • Affordable at just $27/month
  • Updated Monthly so the content is never out of date
  • Covering all aspects of the business

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Meet Some Of Your Instructors...
Drop shipper, Entrepreneur, Problem Solver
Marc Augustine
Eric Cipolla
Tommy Casarrubias
Roman Williams
We have spent the last 3 years networking and working along side some of the most successful drop shippers on the internet. Each instructor coming with something unique to offer the community. They have spent collectively, thousands of hours in this business and are here to save you the time and headache by breaking down exactly what they have learned and giving it to you in a very simple and straight forward step by step. Plan on seeing even more contributors as we continue to grow and the landscape of the business continues to change.

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Some Of What Will Be Covered:

  • What is drop shipping?
  • Who can drop ship?
  • Where can someone drop ship?
  • Understanding your chosen platform and your competitive advantage
  • Why start with eBay dropshipping?
  • Account set up
  • Setting up a new email and why
  • Setting up your paypal account
  • Setting Up Your eBay Store, Business
  • Policies, Connect Your Paypal Account, Site
  • Preferences and Your Return Address
  • Strategies of Finding Items to Sell
  • The 4 methods of eBay Dropshipping
  • The Sniping Method
  • The Optimization Method
  • The Snoptimization Method
  • The Snipe and Switch Method
  • What You Need to Know Before you Start Listing?
  • PayPal Jail

  • eBay and PayPal Fees and Upgrading to a Store
  • Listing Limits(Both Total and Category)
  • The Truth about Using Software in eBay
  • Drop Shipping/strategies
  • Finding Other Dropshippers
  • Find the Top Selling Items
  • Snipe Items With Profit Margins
  • Never Run Out of Dropshippers
  • Processing Your First Order
  • You First Sale
  • Cashback
  • Discounted Gift Cards
  • Fulfilling the First Order
  • Dealing with Out of Stocks and Price Increases
  • Customer Service
  • How to deal with customer service?
  • Book keeping
  • Hiring VA's to scale
  • Getting back on eBay after a Ban

...AND new videos added each month

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This is more than just a training site... They are creating an ecosystem for drop shippers like no where else.