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Earn $500-$5,000/month by Drop Shipping

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      Must be 18 years or older
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Learn how to sell on eBay by Drop Shipping
Presented by: Sean Balint & DS Domination

DS Domination was created by a former 10 year eBay Titanium PowerSeller Roger Langille.

Years ago, he started and perfected selling on eBay by drop shipping from various suppliers, when online stores like Amazon really started to become popular.  He discovered that many people were so hooked on eBay, they didn’t shop around on other websites, and he took advantage of this by selling on eBay for a higher price than the cost on Amazon.  If people see something they like on eBay, they will buy it, regardless of price. 

He has developed a system to help you take advantage of this little secret.  It’s called DS Domination.  He will show you EXACTLY how to leverage eBay and Amazon to avoid having to:
1.                 Create your own website
2.                 Drive traffic to your website
3.                 Find a wholesaler
4.                 Inventory the items – possibly in your own home
5.                 Spending additional money and time on packaging and shipping items you sell.

His video training series will show you how to use Amazon to drop ship items and sell them on eBay.  He will cover important topics such as:
1.                 Creating an eBay account
2.                 Creating a Paypal account
3.                 Working with and around eBay limits, and how to get them raised if you are brand new to eBay
4.                 How to find an item
5.                 How to list an item
6.                 How to price your item
7.                 How to create an attractive title what will allow you to sell items at a higher price than people selling the exact same item
8.                 How to order once you make a sale
9.                 How to handle returns

So now, let me tell you a little bit of my story.

My name is Sean Balint, and I work from my home in Pennsylvania selling items on eBay.  This has given me the ability to spend more time with my daughter.

I’ve been selling on eBay since 1999.  I have a feedback score of 6,650 as of September 2013.  I am a top rated seller.

I have specifically been following the DS Domination system for 2 years.   I started out making $10 a day, and I was thrilled, it was enough to make my car payment.

Then I started listing more and more items, and learning more and more.  Currently, I have over 15,000 items up for sale, and I profit between $7,000 - $10,000 a month. (Results though, may not be typical, as many people don’t have the time to list 15,000 items.)

You can see below that in the last 30 days, I've had over $66,000 in sales and over $189,000 in 120 days!

Here’s just one example below of an item that costs $22.20 on Amazon that I was able to sell on eBay for $39.91, 3 times!  An easy $53.13 profit!

The process could not be easier.  All you are literally doing is coping the image and description from Amazon, and pasting it onto eBay.  There is no upfront cost or risk, as you don’t have to pre-buy anything.  All you are doing is selling HIGH, and only then buying LOW once you sell the item.

So the question we have for you today is, “Can you do this?”  Can you copy and paste?  Can you order something from Amazon and ship it to your customer?

Roger and I want you to start earning money right now selling on eBay. He is ready to share 10 years worth of eBay selling experience with you. 

Finally, for anyone also interested in the affiliate side of the business, DS Domination pay out 75% commission over 10 levels, with a generous 50% on Level 1.